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QVA committee members and the Executive Secretary at the residential meeting in Wooldale, West Yorkshire. March 2006.

QVA is a registered charity. No. 1083412 and a Company limited by Guarantee no. 3908675.

The Trustees are Quakers from UK and mainland Europe who represent a wide range of skills and experience.

Link to Companies House website for Memorandum and Articles of Association and Accounts.
Link to Charity Commission website

The Committee members are Jane Robinson (Clerk), Adrian Barritt,
Aidan McCartney, Connor Jerram, and Julian Hodgkin.


The QVA office is based at St. Albans and is run on a voluntary basis by the Clerk of Trustees: Jane Robinson.

Jasmine Piercy is the Working Retreats Co-ordinator.

For contact details, click here


Most of QVA’s work is done by Volunteers!
There are some local office volunteers who occasionally help with tasks such as newsletter distribution, data input, preparation of exhibition materials etc. There are always opportunities, please contact the office.

The Committee are all volunteers.

QVA Correspondents are volunteers in local Quaker Meetings who undertake to hold information about QVA, promote QVA and its opportunities to members of their meeting and, if they wish, to help to fundraise for QVA.

Agents for Change are volunteers who have been specially trained to support Meetings or groups within Meetings to develop their own projects. This could include, facilitating a workshop, advising on fundraising, talking it through, signposting to other information and advice.

Please contact the office for more information or to volunteer!

QVA can also put volunteers in touch with national and international volunteering organisations.